Best Antique Store: Nostalgia

Best Antique Store Runners-Up: Bearden Antique Mall, Friend's Antique and Collectibles Mall, Legacy

A move from Carr Street to a much more spacious browsing ground on Homberg Drive hasn't dampened the zaniness factor at Nostalgia The Vint-Ique Market. Some stuff you find here is genuine antique—a hutch, a candelabra, a Victorian hand mirror, a Deco lamp. Other items are channeling the '50s and '60s, from mod aprons to tiki bars to the chrome-and-teal table and chairs—this is your mother's kitchen, if you want it. Customers never know what they'll find at Nostalgia, but with all this space, you can hang around and see if something grows on you. On-the-spot purchases are the way to go here—the inventory moves quickly from "never seen anything like it" to "never saw it again."