Best Wine List: Oodles Uncorked

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Oodles has a big advantage over most restaurants, because when you go there for dinner you walk in past Oodles Uncorked, a bar that specializes in wine. The wine list is notable for its variety, but maybe more so for its economy. Domestics dominate, but they also carry several European and Australian wines, including French bordeaux and Italian Valpolicella. They do carry a few up-market wines—"Just to say we have 'em," according to proprietor Jim West—like the Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon, at $140 a bottle. But most of their wines are available at less than $10 a glass. Don't get used to any given Oodles wine list, because they gather no dust. A new edition comes out four or five times a year, voted on by the staff, who educate themselves with wine tastings. Nice work if you can get it.