Best New Restaurant: Dead End BBQ

Best New Restaurant Runners Up: Echo Bistro & Wine Bar, Night Owl Cafe, Veg-O-Rama

The Dead End BBQ team brought its best game from years of dominating at barbecue competitions to this sit-down setting, and it works. The saucy St. Louis ribs, melting brisket, and house-smoked sausage are undeniable proof that the team's just as accomplished inside four walls as they are on the road (or when being chosen 44th Best Overall in the World at the 2008 Jack Daniels barbecue competition). Sides and desserts have been tweaked and spiced to deliciosity, too. Jalapeno cornbread, peanut butter pie anyone? The name comes from the suburban dead-end where the team perfected its cookout skills for more than a decade. Consider all of Knoxville to be your neighborhood now, guys.