Best Neighborhood Bar/Pub: Preservation Pub

Best Neighborhood Bar/Pub Runners Up: Downtown Grill & Brewery, Rooster's, Union Jacks

On pretty much any day of the week, Preservation Pub on Market Square feels like the right place to wind up before an evening on the town or wind down from a long day at work. With a friendly staff, steady flow of free pizza weekday evenings, and a collection of pithy and self-deprecating quotes on the walls, Pres. Pub is the best neighborhood bar because it embodies Knoxville at its best: intelligent without being condescending, edgy without being rude, inexpensive without being cheap. You'll probably notice the ambiance vary from the weekday to the weekend crowd, but the loyalty locals feel for Pres. Pub confirms it has a certain intangible something that makes it feel like home.