Best Happy Hour, Best Appetizers: Downtown Grill & Brewery

Best Happy Hour Runners Up: La Costa, Preservation Pub, Sapphire

Best Appetizers Runners Up: Aubrey's, Calhoun's, La Costa

The Metro Pulse staff is no stranger to DTG&B. The curiously strong beer, brewed in their mystical basement dungeon, is enough to comfort even the most disillusioned of journalists for at least one more night. The staff is spectacularly polite, with amazing memories. The pub broadcasts both FOX News and CNN. Also, it's only a block away from our office. For emergencies. Where else could a haggard and disillusioned journalist go to pay $2 for a mug-club mug filled with nearly twice that much worth of brew? As far as Knoxville breweries go, this one has the happy-hour chops to keep us coming back. Also, if you've never had their appetizers, try the sampler platter where you can feast on four at a time.