Best Breakfast: Pete's Coffee shop

Best Breakfast Runners Up: Gourmet Market, Longs Drug Store, Market Square Kitchen

Pete's breakfast is now both politically historic and literary. It was over breakfast at Pete's that Mayor Bill Haslam announced his campaign for the governorship of Tennessee; a year later, he seems to be the front runner. And Jefferson Bass's latest Body Farm mystery, The Bone Thief, mentions the handy refuge of breakfast at Pete's. Not all breakfasts at Pete's are famous or dramatic, but they're all tasty, and reasonably priced, and served in a cheerful clean setting by folks who, for better or worse, are likely to recognize you by your second visit. Pete's staff is loyal, and changes less than the cast of All My Children. Pete's made a big step in the last year: They're no longer cash only. They now accept credit cards. Some longer-term customers aren't sure what to make of that.