Best Asian: Taste Of Thai

Best Asian Runners Up: Nama, Stir Fry Cafe, Wok Hay

Not fancy, not chic, not expensive. But its flavors are the most sophisticated in town. Unlike many other purveyors of exotic cuisine, Taste of Thai doesn't dumb down its recipes for local palates. Aside from allowing you to choose the level of heat (on a scale of one to five), it offers authentic Thai dishes with big flavors, combining the yin and yang of sweet and savory like few other restaurants. Try any of Taste of Thai's curries and your taste buds will immediately know the difference—rather than the usual one- or two-note sauces, these coconut-milk-spiked wonders take you on an entire cultural journey with each spoonful. And it's worth noting that the service here is fast and friendly, making you feel right at home even if the cuisine is from far away.