Best Bartender: Jeff White (Naples)

Best Bartender Runners-Up: Christian Pennisi (BAR Knoxville), Jeff Smith (Cotton Eyed Joe), Amie Snyder (Sapphire)

Jeff White says he's learned a lot about higher-end wines in his five years as bartender at Naples, but he's still able to appreciate a wide range of spirits.

"It depends on the season, but I love scotch, wines, beers—there's not a drink out there that I absolutely cannot stand," he says. "I try not to be a snob." Behind the bar, White has concocted a few specialty drinks, and says a couple of them might make their way onto Naples' drink menu before long. "Probably my favorite is a Jabberwocky. I love that poem and saw Michael Hedges perform it. It's equal parts Jack Daniel's and amaretto and a little bit of honey, a little essence of orange. I put that together for a couple of my friends who are real special."