Best of Knoxville 2014: HEALTH & MEDICAL SERVICES

Best General Practitioner

Amy Forsee, Rocky Hill Family Physicians

Having moved around as much as I have, I've seen a lot of doctors. Amy Forsee is the best doctor I've ever had. Not just best general practitioner, but best doctor, period. She listens when you tell her what's going on—like, actually listens. She takes the time to figure out what's going on instead of just handing you a prescription and pushing you out the door. And if she thinks you need to see a specialist, she gets you in quickly—within a week quickly. I seriously cannot say enough wonderful things about her care. (C.W.G.)

Runners Up: Miriam Brandon (Internal Medicine Associates), Ann Bevelhimer (Lakemoor Family Physicians), Antonio Ramos (Tennessee Center for Internal Medicine)


Lisa Ross Birth & Women's Center

It's tough enough finding a GP you like, let alone searching out a simpatico OB/GYN. But the Lisa Ross center gets high marks not only for its staffers' good bedside manner, but also for its efficiency: the all female staff is both professional and friendly; office wait times are reasonable; and scheduling an urgent appointment isn't a struggle. That the center offers a number of birthing services from waterbirth to personalized breastfeeding support also helps make for a winning practice. (D.P.)

Runners Up: Tammy Baker (Knoxville Gynecology), Susan Dodd (Susan Dodd Women's Care), Kristy Newton (Tennova North)

Best Chiropractor

Andy Hosenfeld, Apple Health and Wellness

Here's another practice that does the right thing over and over again: Apple Health and Dr. Hosenfeld have cleaned up in this category again for the second consecutive year. Of course, Apple Health is a multifaceted operation that offers a wide variety of treatment options, and their chiropractic care includes a whole slate of options that take into account not just the old backbone, but also the entire skeletal, muscular and nervous system. (D.P.)

Runners Up: Dennis Bushman (Bushman Chiropractic Clinic), Cole Hosenfeld (Apple Health and Wellness), Natalie Kurylo (Heliotropic Healing)

Best Dentist

Buzz Nabers

Downtown's (and the west side's) dentist is also Knoxville's favorite—and speaking from firsthand experience, it's no wonder why: He's charming, considerate, and has a soft touch (a good thing for someone who's drilling your teeth). (C.T.)

Runners Up: Kevin Bowdle, Bennet Kizer, Gerald Robinson

Best Optometrist

Barry Winston, Winston Eye & Vision Center

It's reassuring to know that a business has been around for a long time, and it's even more reassuring when it's a family business. Winston & Winston started taking care of Knoxville's vision needs in 1942 and there are still three Winstons on staff. Dr. Barry Winston has been at it since 1974, and, with his brother and son, help keep lots of folks happy in well-made lens and stylish frames. It's care and quality that make Dr. Winston a favorite—whether you suffer from the dreaded myopia or newer issues like Computer Vision Syndrome, he and his clan have an answer. (D.P.)

Runners Up: C. Allyn Hildebrand (Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun), Steven Smith (The Eye Care Clinic), Alan Schwartz

Best Physical Therapy Center

Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic

Runners Up: Apple Health & Wellness, Fort Sanders West, Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics

Best Walk-In/Urgent Care Clinic

Summit Express Clinics

Runners Up: FamilyCare Minor Emergency Clinic, Trinity Medical Associates, Walk-In Clinic, University After-Hours Clinics

Best Cosmetic Surgeon

E. Edward Breazeale Jr., MD, The Breazeale Clinic for Plastic Surgery

You just can't win this category without having a lot of really satisfied patients; and it's really hard to win this category if you're not Dr. Breazeale, who's won it three years in a row. But achieving that level of satisfaction is a feat—it's a delicate practice that involves the amelioration of body issues that are often on public display, and, judging from the consistent voting, it's one that the folks at this clinic seem to have mastered. (D.P.)

Runners Up: Tom Gallaher (Gallaher Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery), David B. Reath, Steven J. Smith

Best Dermatologist

Meredith T. Overholt, The Skin Wellness Center

It speaks volumes for a medical practice when two of its founding partners show up at the top of the polls. Although Dr. Overholt is the official victor in the category, the real winner is the practice itself and the many happy patients who voted for it. This clinic specializes in total skin care and that includes not only the latest advances in traditional adult, pediatric and teen dermatology but also innovative cosmetic procedures from Microdermabrasion to Titan Skin Tightening and beyond. (D.P.)

Runners Up: Kimberly K. Grande (The Skin Wellness Center), Robert C. Griffith, Clark E. Julius (Knoxville Dermatology Group)

Best Medi Spa

Pure Luxe

Runners Up: Aveda Institute, Knoxville Dermatology MediSpa, Spa Visage

Best Yoga Studio

Best Holistic Health Center

Glowing Body

Best Yoga Studio Runners Up: Hot 90 Bikram Yoga, The Practice Yoga, Real Hot Yoga

Best Holistic Health Center Runners Up: Apple Health & Wellness, Gypsy Hands Healing Arts Center, Meadowsweet Massage and Wellness

Best Fitness/Cross-Fitness Center

YMCA of East Tennessee

Runners Up: CrossFit Knoxville, National Fitness Center, The Rush

Best Licensed Massage Therapy

Travis Jackson, Spa Visage

Runners Up: Ed Bolden (Arbor Institute School of Massage), Jennifer Lusk (Apple Health & Wellness), Beth Young (Belleza)