Best of Knoxville 2013: Online Knoxville

Best Website

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Runners Up:,,

Best Local Blog/Blogger

Stuck Inside of Knoxville / Knoxville Urban Guy

When Alan Sims (aka Knoxville Urban Guy) started up his blog Stuck Inside of Knoxville With the Urban Blues Again (a play on the Bob Dylan song) in 2010, he did so after having lived downtown for about a year. He hadn't been able to find a blog that covered daily life there, so he decided to do it himself. Since then, his blog has grown from covering everything from small moments—a jazz show at Bella Luna, say—to breaking news about openings on Market Square. "Stuck Inside of Knoxville is my love song to the city where have lived since 1982 and to the downtown into which I moved in 2009," he writes at, and it's a jaunty little tune. (C.T.)

Runners Up: Erik Ainge, Coupon Katie, Frank Murphy

Best Local Twitter Feed


Runners Up: @knoxvillepains, @preservationpub, @TearsaSmith

Best Local Facebook Page


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Runners Up: Adult Video Superstore, Knoxville Urban Guy, Metro Pulse

Best Local Kickstarter/Indiegogo Project

Dirty Guv'nahs

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Runners Up: Black Lillies, Dale's Fried Pies, Hudson K

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