Best of Knoxville 2013: Health & Medical Services

Best General Practitioner

Dr. Bob Overholt
There are a lot of doctors on television. Unfortunately, a lot of them are phonies (sorry, Dr. Phil) or they're just creepy as hell (yes, you, Dr. Brandt).

Thankfully, in Knoxville, we have Dr. Bob, aka Dr. Robert Overholt of the Allergy, Asthma, and Sinus Center. He's a real doctor, i.e. a physician you can actually get an appointment to see (if you wait long enough). But his award-winning television show, The Dr. Bob Show, is respected enough to air both on WBIR and on the local PBS affiliate. He has real doctors—board-certified doctors—answering questions and offering advice on real health issues—asthma, nutrition, migraines, Alzheimer's. Frankly, we'll take Dr. Bob's advice over Dr. Oz's any day of the week. (C.W.G.)
Runners Up: Dr. Bruce Alsop, Dr. Amy Forsee, Dr. Armand Wood

Best Chiropractor

Apple Health & Wellness
Formerly known as Hosenfeld Chiropractic, the new name reflects a new blend of treatment options that include chiropractic care, physical therapy, podiatry, nutrition, and massage therapy. With all this innovative and evidence-based care, they're all set to help the whole family whether it's a matter of a sports related injury, a bothersome foot, or grandpa's bad back. (D.P.)
Runners Up: Brown Chiropractic, Bushman Chiropractic, Natalie Kurylo

Best Dentist

Dr. Richard Barbee
Just saying the phrase Best Dentist feels wrong to many odontophobics, but Dr. Barbee's patients describe him as a friend and swear by his consideration and gentleness. Heck, he even looks gentle—almost saintly—and that's almost the impression that you'll get from the 320+ reviews on Dr. Barbee's website. His philosophy is to consider the entire health of the patient and not just the immediate symptom. He has a master's in nutritional health and a bunch of groovy state-of-the-art equipment, which is pretty cool as far as dentists go. (D.P.)
Runners Up: Dr. Walter Fain, Dr. Bennett Kizer, Dr. Buzz Nabors

Best Optometrist

Optometrist Dr. C. Allyn Hildebrand at Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun
Dr. C. Allyn Hildebrand is the popular optometrist at this supercenter of eye care. They also have ophthalmologists, opticians, a laser center, an eye surgery center, and a lovely selection of glasses. They can handle the dreaded myopia, treat hyperopia, correct cataracts, and give botox injections for twitching eyes and wrinkles. It's no wonder so many people could see their way to vote for them. (D.P.)
Runners Up: Clancy Optical, the Eye Group, Winston Eye Center

Best Yoga Studio

Glowing Body
In my not-so-humble opinion, "Glowing Body" is the best name for a yoga studio ever. Emerge from a challenging flow class taught in a heated room, and your body will be glowing indeed—with perspiration, with energy, with what the yogis call "prana," the vital life force that lights us all up from the inside out. This centrally located studio has been a Knoxville favorite for years, and with excellent teachers like Jennifer Beyt Coffin, Phillip Clift, Andrea Cartwright, Betty Calister, Jardana Peacock, Kim Lomanaco, Rebeckah Knause, Erik Andelman, and Sarah Crook (among many others), it is no wonder. Breathe, move, listen, glisten. You might just find your mind and spirit are glowing a little, too. (H.D.)
Runners Up: Barre 3 & Knoxville Yoga Center (tie), the Practice, Real Hot Yoga

Best Physical Therapy Center

Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic
There's no bones about it, the Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic is a local legend. For over 60 years they have treated Knoxvillians from head to toe, literally: their areas of specialty include the spine and the foot and almost all the joints and bones in between. Their sports medicine specialty has endeared them to many a limping linebacker and any number of forwards with fractured femurs. Fact is, not since Ezekiel faced them dry bones have so many orthopedic issues been resolved in one spot. (D.P.)
Runners Up: Foothills Physical Therapy Center, Marino Therapy Centers, Tennessee Orthopedic Center

Best Walk-In/Urgent Care Clinic

Summit Medical Group
Holy convenience, Batman, this care clinic is everywhere! There are over 200 physicians who support the mission of this group which boasts 30 locations in Knox County. No matter where you're hurting—geographically and physically—there's bound to be a Summit somewhere close by with a doctor or practitioner who can fix what ails you. The group has expanded significantly since its foundation in 1995, but despite their growth they've managed to maintain the ideals and practice standards that brought them together in the first place and have made them a popular choice with folks all across Knoxville. (D.P.)
Runners Up: Family Care Specialists, ParkMed Urgent Care Center, UT After Hours Clinic

Best Cosmetic Surgeon

The Breazeale Clinic for Plastic Surgery
If there's one thing that's dicey about being a plastic surgeon, it's got to be that a whole bunch of your work is on display and involves deeply personal image issues. But Dr. Breazeale seems to have all his lifts, augmentations, and tucks in a row—he gets high marks and effusive praise from almost all of his patients, including the society column set and folks who've never even opened that section of the paper. Skill, care, and communication are the key words that come up again and again when you hear about his clinic. And, Dr. Breazeale won this category in last year's poll—how's that for proof of patient satisfaction? (D.P.)
Runners Up: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates (Dr. Stephen M. Lazarus), Dr. Dean Kleto, Dr. David Reath

Best Dermatologist

Best Medi Spa

Skin Wellness Center
Here's a group of extraordinarily talented MDs, PAs, FNPs, LPNs, and aestheticians who take your skin seriously enough to dedicate their entire practice to nearly every aspect of its care. While they emphasize preventative care and screening, they're all set to take on treatment a legion of skin issues and diseases for patients of all ages. Whether it's acne or cancer, this practice has the skinny on all the latest medical advances to keep your largest organ in shape. But wait there's more—not only do they practice the healing arts, they also serve up almost every advanced cosmetic treatment that you can imagine from facials to photodynamic therapy. Now in their 12th year of practice, it's obvious that they take a page from Vidal Sasoon's playbook: "If you don't look good, we don't look good." (D.P.)
Best Dermatologist Runners Up: Elizabeth Anderson Dermatology, Dr. Robert C. Griffith, Knoxville Dermatology Group
Best Medi Spa Runners Up: Medi Spa at Knoxville Dermatology Group, Natural Alternatives, Pure Luxe

Best Fitness/Cross-Fitness Center

YMCA of East Tennessee
Since all the jokes about the Village People have been exhausted, and since the YMCA has certainly evolved since that recent era, it's worth asking what contributes to this venerable and vibrant institution's popularity. Perhaps it's the broad range of activities that the Y sponsors, or it could be that it always feels like a safe place that's full of your neighbors. It could be that beyond exercise, the Y promotes the idea that healthy lives result from the care of mind, body and spirit. Or it might be really satisfying to support a place that believes that neither financial nor health circumstances should interfere with anyone's access to the tools that build a healthy lifestyle. Or it could be that there's a whole generation with hopes of using their cardio workout to channel a disco age that they never knew. (D.P.)

Runners Up: Fort Sanders Health and Fitness, National Fitness, the Rush

Best Licensed Massage Therapy

Spa Visage
For many years, Salon Visage has defined a standard of excellence and luxury for personal care, and since outside of sex, massage may be the ultimate physical luxury, it makes sense that Spa Visage is a winner in the minds of Metro Pulse readers. Just reading the spa's list of services is relaxing—and it's a wide ranging list that includes hot stone treatment and an eyes and sinus option. Heck, there's even a special pregnancy massage that's good for the future mom's bod and for dad's sympathetic tension. See also: Best Nail Salon, Best Hair Salon in the Goods & Services section. (D.P.)
Runners Up: Belleza Salon & Spa, Glowing Body, Meadowsweet Massage & Wellness

Best Holistic Health Center

Meadowsweet Massage & Wellness
Good news for stressed-out cubicle dwellers downtown: there's a peaceful oasis of calm just a short walk away. At Meadowsweet Massage, located on the hipper-than-ever 100 block of Gay Street, licensed massage therapists Elodie Lafont and Nickie Bold offer skilled hands, kind ears, and a healing space to unwind all that tension you built up in your deposition-hearing/estate-planning/power-grid-shooting/restaurant-management/corporate-communication/whatever. Even if you're just downtown shopping or eating, it's a pretty sweet ending to an urban afternoon. They offer a mélange of techniques, including Swedish, Reiki, hot stone, sports massage, reflexology, shiatsu, trigger-point release. Ask, and ye shall receive, as this stressed-out writer can attest—I went in with neck and shoulder pain. Nickie tracked down the source, explained it to me, addressed it directly, and I type this a little less hunched and bunched today. Thanks, Meadowsweet. (H.D.)
Runners Up: Jodie Manross Acupuncture, Lea's Natural Health Solutions, Traditional Health Clinic and Salt Spa

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