Best of Knoxville 2013: Education & Media

Best Small College Or University

Pellissippi State Community College
It's such a refreshing change from the obsession with football coaches and brand-spanking-new sorority rows at that four-year-place here in Knoxville. Pellissippi is solid, from its concentration on "let's get a job" offerings like culinary arts and the traditional nursing and "bridge to RN" programs to its certificate programs for those already in the workforce—studio photography, industrial automation, and early childhood education, to name a few. But it's not lacking in creativity, either—a happening theater department and the liberal arts lecture series are a few standouts for the artistic souls. In our humble opinion, a fledgling Tennessee student would do well to earn basic credits there and then transfer to the higher-priced places. (R.K.)
Runners Up: Johnson University, Lincoln Memorial University, South College

Best Technical/Business School

Fountainhead College of Technology
Runners Up: ITT Technical Institute (local campus), Tennessee School of Beauty, Tennessee Technology Center at Knoxville

Best Private School

Webb School of Knoxville
Runners Up: Christian Academy of Knoxville, Knoxville Catholic High School, Episcopal School of Knoxville

Best Cosmetology School

Tennessee School of Beauty
The Knoxville-based Tennessee School of Beauty is 83 years old, but there's nothing dated about the instruction its students receive in cosmetology, spa services, nail technology and more. In recent years, the school has added reflexology and therapeutic massage services to its curriculum, and the general public still considers it the go-to place for great style at an affordable price. Many of its students become entrepreneurs—in fact, owner/director Adam Brown has been on an ongoing quest to visit 100 salons owned by 100 different students. (T.H.J.)
Runners Up: Douglas J. Aveda Institute (local campus), Knoxville Institute of Hair Design, Paul Mitchell the School (local campus)

Best TV Station

Runners Up: East Tennessee PBS, WATE, WVLT

Best TV Personality

Robin Wilhoit
Runners Up: Russell Biven, Erin Donovan, Abby Ham

Best Radio Station

How does WUTK keep winning this poll year after year? Pretty simple: real humans on the microphones playing music on the air that they actually like. It's a dying art form, but it remains alive on the UT campus. (C.T.)
Runners Up: Star 102.1, WDVX, WIVK

Best Radio Personality

Marc & Kim and Frank, Star 102.1
Marc and Kim and Frank are like your neighbors. They're folksy, amusing, but still up-to-date on what's going on in the world. Maybe they remind millennial listeners of their favorite aunts and uncles, and Gen X-ers of their friends, siblings, or cousins. The trio's chemistry as they chat together in the morning is perfectly warm and genial—never too serious, and never too wild. There's no gimmicks with these three. And they don't really need them. (P.H.)
Runners Up: Andy & Allison (WIVK), Hallerin Hilton Hill (News/Talk 98.7), "Dr. John Zazu" (AKA, Graham Smith, WUTK)

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