Best of Knoxville 2012: Knox Online

Best Local Website
Here's a tip for all you Best of Knoxville voters out there: Voting for is not a good luck charm for the rest of your votes. It doesn't make them count any more than they would otherwise. Metro Pulse will not send you cupcakes in exchange for your vote. Having said that—yes, is pretty awesome. So by all means, keep voting it tops. Just don't expect us to wash your car because of it, or feed your fish while you're out of town, or give you access to the super-secret version of the site where all the important decisions about Knoxville's future are—oh, but I've said too much. (D.D.)
Runners Up:,,

Best Local Blog/Blogger

Frank Murphy
It takes real courage to hear the music played at Mass and think, "I should blog up a brief review of my diocese's musical choices when I get home." Frank Murphy is a man with that kind of courage. "Radio personality slash improv comedian slash blogger" sounds more like a setup for a Thursday night sitcom than an actual person, but while Frank Murphy is indeed a real thing, some of the anecdotes he recounts in his blog read like excerpts from a life spent as a cast member of a show featuring himself. Murphy's blog is roughly half his own exploits and half himself as a window into the entertainment world. He may not have been there himself, but after a career spent in radio stations all over the country, if it happened in showbiz, he probably has a story about it. (D.D.)
Runners Up: Katie Granju (Mamapundit), Cynthia Moxley (Blue Streak), Alan Sims (Knoxville Urban Guy at Stuck Inside of Knoxville)

Best Local Twitter Feed

Runners Up: @frankmurphycom, @knoxnews, @MetroPulse

Best Local Facebook Page

See Also: Best TV Station in Education & Media.
Runners Up: Aaron Age 11 (by Aaron Killian), Hard Knox Roller Girls, Three Rivers Market

Best Local Discussion Forum

The self-propagating opinion-based ecosystem is one of the Internet's grandest old traditions, and they serve a valuable purpose. As one of the most venerable Knoxville-based forums (under one name or another), KnoxBlab has accumulated no small amount of momentum over the years. If its participants didn't have a place to go to let off steam about whatever ails them at any given moment, who knows what might happen. But KnoxBlab isn't just your standard Web-based rantosphere. It's a full-fledged cross-section of its users' shared interests, loves, fears, and speculations as to what will kill downtown next. (D.D.)
Runners Up:, Volnation, You Know You're Gay In Knoxville When...

Best Local Wi-Fi Spot

Old City Java
See Also: Best Coffeehouse in Food.
Runners Up: Knox County Public Library, Market Square, Remedy

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