Best of Knoxville 2012: Health & Medical Services

Best General Practitioner

Dr. Amy Forsee
I called for an appointment with Dr. Amy Forsee last June and was told I'd have to wait until September to see her. "You can see one of the other physicians in our office," the receptionist said. "No, I'll wait. I was told Dr. Forsee is the best." And the best she is, not just in my humble opinion but our readers' too. Dr. Forsee caught a tumor that other doctors had dismissed as stress simply because she took the time to sit down and listen to me and actually go through all of my records. She's thorough. She's smart. And she's really, really nice. (Cari Wade Gervin)
Runners Up: Dr. Leonard Bellingrath, Dr. Bob Overholt, Dr. Randy Pardue

Best Chiropractor

Hosenfeld Chiropractic
Whoever said bone crunchers are all alike has never been to Hosenfeld, a chiropractic office where you are made to feel like much more than a skeleton with a bunch of problematic organs and muscles attached. Hosenfeld takes a holistic approach that includes not only massage and physical therapy, but spiritual therapy as well (they offer the services of Corporate Chaplain Dennis Ferguson). Hosenfeld will be honored to combine treatment with prayer and devotion at any patient's request. Because, after all, when God's got your back, you know you've got the best care in the world. (H.D.)
Runners Up: Brown Chiropractic, Bushman Chiropractic, Sunshine Chiropractic

Best Dentist

Dr. Buzz Nabers
Can a dentist be cool? Maybe so. Buzz Nabers is certainly making an awfully good run at it with his new office, a full-service general and cosmetic dentistry practice on Gay Street. Billing himself as passionate about oral health (and really, who shouldn't be?), Nabers promises that his clients will learn to "smile with abandon" once again. His service also mixes a little pampering in with all the drilling and cleaning: how about a paraffin hand treatment? Sounds good to us. Just say, "Aaaaaaahh." (M.G.)
Runners Up: Dr. Richard Barbee, Dr. Charles L. Greenblatt, Dr. Donald Henson and Dr. Bennett Kizer (tie)

Best Optometrist

Dr. Barry Winston, Winston Eye and Vision
You really can't go wrong with any of the Winstons when it comes to eye care—the original practice was founded in 1942 by Dr. Harold Winston, and continues today under his sons Barry and Jerry. It's difficult to say why Barry edged out Jerry—both are affable guys you'll want to make friends with and both know their profession equally well. And we doubt if this award will spur any fraternal competition between the two—they're too darn nice! (C.T.)
Runners Up: Dr. Chadwick Howe (Spex), Dr. Steven Smith (The Eye Care Clinic), Dr. Jerry Winston (Winston Eye and Vision)

Best Physical Therapy Center

Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic
It boggles the mind that Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic has actually been in business 60 years, but it's true; six decades and counting, practicing specialty orthopedics that include sub-specialties in sports medicine, spinal issues, hands shoulders and elbows, feet and ankles, joint replacement, pediatrics and adolescent issues. They have also been the clinic of choice for a number of premier University of Tennessee athletes. (M.G.)
Runners Up: Fort Sanders Regional, Marino Therapy Center, Parkwest Therapy Center

Best Walk-In/Urgent Care Clinic

Summit Medical Group
Breaking a rib is one of those in-between injuries. It's not quite acute enough for the emergency room (and besides, there's not much they can do to treat it, anyway) but it is bad enough that waiting two weeks to see your G.P. isn't a sane option, either. That's where any of Summit Medical Group's three after-hours express clinics—in Bearden, Farragut, and Fountain City—come in. A quick check to make sure I'm not going to die from a punctured lung, an X-ray, and a prescription for industrial-strength anti-inflammatories, and I'm on my way. (M.E.)
Runners Up: East Tennessee Medical Group, Family Care Specialists, ParkMed

Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Ed Breazeale, The Breazeale Clinic
Runners Up: Dr. Frank Letard, Dr. Stephen Lazarus, Dr. David Reath

Best Dermatologist

Skin Wellness Center
Historically speaking, dermatologists have been the group of doctors mostly likely to deal with the gross and unsightly aspects of the human condition: cystic acne, weeping rashes, oozing boils, cancerous blobs, and whatnot. Meredith Overholt, M.D., and Kimberly Grande, M.D., are still doing the hard work of treating complicated skin conditions. But they've added a veneer of glamour, too, offering cosmetic services meant not just to treat medical problems, but to improve the color, texture, and appearance of the skin. In the hands of the aestheticians, you can have sun damage removed, acne scars peeled away, saggy skin tightened, scars removed, errant hairs eradicated, and wrinkles spackled and swept away with an array of injectables meant to freeze and fill them. (H.D.)
Runners Up: Dermatology Associates of Knoxville, Knoxville Dermatology Group, MD Electrolysis

Best Medi-Spa

Medi-Spa at Knoxville Dermatology Group
Click on over the Medi-Spa's home page (, and you'll be greeted with a quote from Coco Chanel: "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." That pretty much sums up the Medi-Spa experience. You can get the full range of spa services here: waxing, facials, manis, pedis, massages, scrubs, steams, and the like. But you can also get the kinds of services that can only be offered by physicians (the "medi" in the spa): Botox, laser services, and medical-grade peels. When you want to look and feel good, Medi-Spa is willing and able to help you by nearly any means necessary. (H.D.)
Runners Up: Belleza Salon and Spa, Gallaher Spa MD, Pure Luxe

Best Yoga Studio

The Glowing Body
Some like it hot. That's just what they'll get at Glowing Body, a beautiful local yoga studio that specializes in offering intensively challenging classes in heated rooms. Glowing Body is home to four of the city's most seasoned teachers—Philip Clift, Jennifer Beyt Coffin, Andrea Cartwright, and Ajeet Khalsa—along with a stable of up-and-comers adding new perspectives on the ancient practice. Under the leadership of new owner Tammy Kaousias, the schedule has evolved into one that is both diverse and practically nonstop—meaning there's a class for whenever you want it. Most classes are an hour and a half long; most cost $15. But the studio maintains its Sunday karma yoga policy, meaning that you can catch a class and offer a donation based on what you can afford. Holistic healing services are on offer, too, including massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and Feng Shui consulting. (H.D.)
Runners Up: Aravinda Yoga and Healing Arts Center, The Practice Yoga, YMCA of East Tennessee

Best Fitness Center

The Rush
Runners Up: Fort Sanders Health and Fitness, National Fitness Center, YMCA of East Tennessee

Best Licensed Massage Therapy

Spa Visage
Runners Up: Belleza, Gypsy Hands, Massage Envy