Best Radio Personality: Kris and Marisa (Love 89.1 WYLV)

Best Radio Personality Runners Up: Derek and Rob (The Funhouse, WUTK), Hallerin Hilton Hill (WNOX), Marc, Kim and Frank (Star 102.1)

What's a nice duo like you doing on a list like this? Kris Love (his real name, he swears) and Marisa Lykins have hosted mornings on Knoxville's locally owned, independent Christian radio station since 2008. Their show, from 6 to 9 a.m. Monday to Friday, offers what Marisa describes as "encouraging, positive music and topics." And a lot of listener call-ins. "There are not a lot of characters and bits and things," Kris says, describing what sets their program apart from much of the morning dial. "The listeners are those things." They've built a sense of community that Marisa describes as an extended family; on Monday, for example, one longtime listener called in to announce that she's expecting her first child. Their fans also responded when Kris & Marisa started a social media campaign for the Best of Knoxville crown, giving them top honors and placing the station as a runner-up in the overall balloting.