Best Karaoke: Toots Little Honky Tonk

Runners Up: Big Mama's Karaoke Cafe, Bull Feathers Cafe, Macleod's Restaurant & Pub

At Toots, an emotional "Wind Beneath My Wings" is just as cool as belting out the Ramones. Elvis is just as important as 311! In one night you can see an army guy, a party of bachelorettes, 25-year-olds and 65-year-olds, every karaoke cliché you could think of singing vastly different songs. The shiest of clientele hand their song requests to DJ Mike and make their way through their own three-and-a-half minutes of unjudged stardom, to often-rapturous applause. If there were ever a diverse group of characters that could get along through their love of music, it's this one at the little dive bar off of North Central.