Best Radio Personality: Derek and Rob from The Funhouse, WUTK 90.3

Best Radio Personality Runners-Up: Hallerin Hilton Hill (WNOX), Trixie (WNFZ), Red Hickey (WDVX)

Do you like big, loud guitars? Do you mix in a little '80s hair metal in with your '90s indie rock? Have a bunch of cryptic stories about when you used to hang out with Superdrag, way back before they ever got famous? Chances are that you'd not only love The Funhouse, but that you are either Derek Senter or Rob Levering, the hosts of the show, which airs for two hours on Friday nights on the University of Tennessee's WUTK 90.3 FM. The pair toss AC/DC and Led Zeppelin in among the Pixies and locals like Mic Harrison, Stewart Pack, The American Plague, and 1220, and it usually makes perfect sense.