Best Local Actor: Johnny Knoxville

...(Who Wasn't In Major League II)

Best Local Actor Runners-Up: Jenny Ballard, Steve Dupree, Brad Renfro

Is there a single man in the entire celebrityverse who has more verbiage spilled over the state of his testicles than Johnny Knoxville? We say not! Last year, bloggers went into copy-and-paste overdrive, endlessly repeating the same headlines: "Johnny Knoxville's Testicle Trauma," "Johnny Knoxville Nearly Loses Testicles," and "Knoxville Takes the Testicle Punishment Too Far" were among the most popular. Later came "Johnny Knoxville Hopes His Testicles Will Heal Soon" and "Johnny Knoxville's Testicle Stitches." Way to go, Johnny!

Beyond his testicles, he seems like the kind of guy that every other guy would like to hang out with. Oh, and he's also co-starring in a movie with Cher called The Drop-Out.