The Best of Knoxville

Metro Pulse Best of Knoxville 2011

There are a lot of “best” lists out there, from local magazines, TV stations, newspapers, and websites. But when we launched the Best of Knoxville in 1994, the very concept was alien to a lot of people here: Knoxville has things that are “best?” Who knew! Since then, of course, just about every media source in town has started vying to declare things best, and nobody bothers to question whether Knoxville’s establishments are worthy of such honors. (They are, and they help create the place we love to live in.) But the Best of Knoxville itself is still the best of the best-of-Knoxville lists, the one poll where the results reflect the will of thousands of voters, and the one that guides us to all things genuinely Knoxvillian.

This is it: The one true Best of Knoxville.

—Coury Turczyn, ed.

Please Note: All runners-up are listed alphabetically, not in order of votes.