The Best of Knoxville

Metro Pulse Best of Knoxville 2009

This marks the 15th year we’ve been celebrating the place (and condition) known as Knoxville with our BoK Readers’ Poll. When we first introduced this alt-weekly staple to the city in 1994, the concept was met with at least some puzzlement: “The best of Knoxville? Knoxville has best stuff?!” But it most certainly did; the cover featured Todd Steed as Best Unsung Hero (“But I’m already sung,” he protested) smoking a Stir Fry Café spring roll in front of the Sunsphere. Crazy, eh?

With this edition of the BoK, we’ve made it even more Knoxvilley. Last year, we asked voters to specify locations if they wanted to vote for national chains rather than local businesses, in order to level the playing field and to truly reflect what makes Knoxville unique. Of course, not everybody did this, which caused much ballot-counting misery. So this year we kept it completely local: In the main categories, national chains were not permitted. But for those who do think a national chain is best, we started a new Best National Chains section. Ta-da!

So join us now as we march into the fray once more, and relish the total Knoxville experience...

Coury Turczyn, ed.

Please Note: All runners-up are listed alphabetically, not in order of votes.