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There's your typical newspaper...and then there's Metro Pulse.
As a nationally award-winning alternative newsweekly, Metro Pulse has made its mark on Knoxville media by offering its own unique take on local news, politics, entertainment, and culture. It's the favorite paper for anyone who wants to know what's really going on in the Knoxville area—especially its movers and shakers. Distributed free every Thursday, Metro Pulse provides a view of Knoxville that you simply won't find anywhere else.
  • Readership: 92,500
  • Circulation: 37,500
  • Distribution: 600+ locations in Knox, Anderson, Blount, Loudon, and Sevier counties.
Target Your Market
Knoxville's movers and shakers never miss an issue of Metro Pulse. Also known as "Influencers," this group can make a major impact on your business—if you know how to reach them. These individuals may be a small percentage of the population, but they affect the actions of many consumers. They are always "in the know" and they like to make recommendations to others. Influencers are doers: They get out and participate in many events and activities. They pride themselves on knowing what is happening around town. And they thrive on getting the kind of "inside" information found in Metro Pulse.
Reader Demographics:
  • 51% Female/49% Male
  • Median Age: 34
  • 63% are College Educated
  • $50,000+ Annual HH Income
Ad Unit Specs
Available ad sizes (in inches) are:
  • 1/8 Horizontal: 4.625 x 2.316
  • 1/8 Vertical: 2.229 x 4.791
  • 1/6 Box: 4.625 x 3.166
  • 3/16 Horizontal: 7.02 x 2.229
  • 1/4 Horizontal: 9.416 x 2.316
  • 1/4 Vertical: 2.229 x 9.75
  • 1/4 Box: 4.625 x 4.791
  • 1/3 Horizontal: 9.416 x 3.138
  • 3/8 Box: 7.02 x 4.791
  • 1/2 Horizontal: 9.416 x 4.791
  • 1/2 Vertical: 4.625 x 9.75
  • 3/4 Box: 9.413 x 7.275
  • Junior: 7.02 x 7.275
  • Full: 9.416 x 9.75
  • Ad Space/Copy Reservation: Friday, 4 p.m.
  • Camera Ready Ad: Monday, 2 p.m.
  • Ad Cancellation: Friday, 5 p.m.
Advertise in Metro Pulse and reach the people who can make a positive impact on your bottom line. For more information call (865) 522-5399.
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Utilizing not only the talents of the print edition's award-winning writers, also taps into its loyal online community to give a street-level view of Knoxville found nowhere else. With its array of bloggers, forums, user-generated reviews, and expanded in-depth articles, tells visitors what's really worth seeing, doing, and knowing about Knoxville.
With over 100,000 page views each month, provides an excellent means to generate higher sales for advertisers by not only reaching locals but also out-of-town visitors looking for places to see, shop, or stay in Knoxville. By offering the most comprehensive guides available to the city's restaurants, bars, musicians, and events of every type, is on its way to becoming the first destination for anyone wanting to learn more about Knoxville's attractions.
Now featuring a fresh new design, interactive features, and ever-expanding video and photo galleries, seeks to vastly increase its web traffic—and offer truly unique advertising opportunities.
Ad Unit Specs
All ads should have a max file size of 30k, animation loops/length of 1/15 seconds, and a 1px border.
Available ad sizes (in pixels) are:
  • Leaderboard (Top of Page): 728 x 90
  • Leaderboard (Bottom of Page): 728 x 90
  • Big Box: 300 x 250
  • Big Box: 336 x 280
  • Leaderboard (Top of Page): 728 x 90
  • Tower Ad: 160 x 600
  • Rich media/expanding ads and roadblocks are also availalbe.
Rich Media Specs: Accepted Rich Media
Pointroll, DART Motif, Eyeblaster, Eyewonder, Unicast, Shoshkele, Klipmart, Atlas, MediaPlex, CheckM8
  • All other vendors will need to be tested prior to implementation.
  • We aren't able to track clicks on 3rd party ads.
  • Please visit for detailed information on creative specifications.
Creative is due 5 business days prior to campaign starts.
Online Advertising includes optional, free in-house ad design
Creative for Rich Media/Expanding Ads must be provided.
You'll get access to monthly campaign reports upon request
Advertise on and reach the people who can make a positive impact on your bottom line. For more information on placing an ad online call 865.522.5399 or email us at
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