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Since its founding in 1991, Metro Pulse has published quite a few stories, columns, and reviews. We're in the process of digging them up and putting them online (it could take a while). So if you're in the mood to browse Knoxville's colorful near-past, here's a year-by-year index of what we've posted so far. Story Archives ».

Calendar Guidelines

What the calendar is and what the calendar isn't. Calendar Guidelines »

The Metro Pulse Staff

Ever been bursting to know just who works on Metro Pulse each week? We're a cadre of only the most brilliant minds this side of the Mississippi. Of course. Metro Pulse Staff »

A Short-ish History of Metro Pulse

In 1991, Ashley Capps, a rising music promoter who was at the time a public-radio DJ with an evening jazz program who was frustrated that Knoxville didn't have effective ways to promote live music. Capps approached Ian Blackburn, a young print-shop technician who had published his own magazine, The Lame Monkey Manifesto, and discussed the idea over pizza at Tomato Head. Full story »

PLUS: Metro Pulse's 20th Anniversary Issue

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Writers' Guidelines

Metro Pulse is always in the market for new writers, provided they can meet (or exceed) the editorial standards we've set. Please familiarize yourself with the publication before sending in appropriate submissions. You'll also want to keep in mind these guidelines on what we look for in stories.


  • The story must have a local angle
  • The story should be written in a "magazine" style
  • The story should have a strong voice
  • If you haven't written for Metro Pulse before, please allow us to see some writing samples

Full guidelines » 2.5

What you have on your screen at the moment is our first step in building a massive website covering all aspects of Knoxville life: news, issues, culture, entertainment, people. And while those are all core aspects of the print edition of Metro Pulse, we intend to extend those areas of coverage in ways that you can only achieve online. Full story ».