Metro Pulse Writers' Guidelines

A few pointers to keep in mind if you want to contribute to Metro Pulse

Metro Pulse is always in the market for new writers, provided they can meet (or exceed) the editorial standards we've set. Please familiarize yourself with the publication before sending in appropriate submissions. If you're still not exactly sure what we are, here's a quick definition: Metro Pulse is a community publication that focuses on the issues, personalities, events, and culture of Knoxville, Tennessee (as well as the surrounding region). We consider the paper to be an "alternative weekly" in that we strive to provide a fresh viewpoint on the city and its people—one that is closely tied to the interests and concerns of those who live here. In short, we try to find the stories that other local media miss or ignore.

The following is a short list of pointers on what we look for in our stories.

• The story must have a local angle. Aside from reviews or humor pieces, all of our stories are about what's going on in Knoxville: people, places, issues, events. If you want to tackle a national issue, then you must be able to localize it sufficiently to show its impact on our community. Remember: we consider ourselves to be a community paper, reflective of as many different segments as possible.

• The story should be written in a "magazine" style. Since we are usually unable to cover "breaking" news, we instead write analysis pieces that try to dig deeper than just the "5 W's." We like our stories to have flavor—not only should they inform, but they should be a good read as well. Which brings us to…

• The story should have a strong voice. We like to think of ourselves as a writer's publication in that we allow our writers to go beyond basic "pyramid" style and be more creative. In certain cases—if the writer is talented enough and the story idea is appropriate—first-person reporting is used. By bringing strong voices to our stories, we give voices to the concerns of our readers—but you must have strong reporting skills as well.

If you haven't written for Metro Pulse before, please allow us to see some writing samples. These don't have to be published works, but those that you think best reflect your talents or interests. Also, please tell us what you'd like to write about for us; if you have any specific story ideas, describe them.

Put your submission package together, have it blessed by an appropriate religious representative, and send it off to:

Metro Pulse

602 S. Gay St.

Mezzanine Level

Knoxville, TN 37902

ATTN: Coury Turczyn, Ed.