Robyn (CherryTree/Interscope)

It's been a while since Swedish star Robyn traded the pale R&B of her teenage years for state-of-the-art dance-pop, and she's had a growing presence here in the last few years with appearances on Basement Jaxx' Crazy Itch Radio and Britney Spears' "Piece of Me." But the long-delayed U.S. release of 2005's Robyn is still a revelation. The disc slides from brassy minimalist hip-hop ("Konichiwa Bitches") to glitchy dancefloor workouts (a reworking of Teddybears' "Cobrastyle") and chilly Europop ballads (the Knife-produced "Any Time You Like"). Robyn's take on a mish-mash of styles works—the uniformly sleek and cold production is consistent and coherent. The ice melts about a third of the way on the disc's highlight, the pulsing "With Every Heartbeat," where Robyn's vocals finally warm and strings heat up the electro-disco beat.