Yeasayer Heads for the Dance Floor on Odd Blood


Odd Blood (Secretly Canadian)

Yeasayer's debut album, All Hour Cymbals, from 2007, was full of delightfully dreamy psychedelia; its intricate rhythms were shrouded in a haze of fuzzy, blissed-out guitars, giving the disc a desert drum-circle vibe descended from Sun City Girls' Torch of the Mystics. The group has cleaned up its sound for Odd Blood and headed for the club, landing somewhere right next to MGMT on the dance floor. It's not an improvement—god knows the world doesn't really need another indie dance-rock band from Brooklyn—but it's not necessarily a step back, either. Call it a lateral move. The songwriting is dense, the '80s-style production detailed, and the beats move sideways and up and down as well as forward. But there's something hollow about this kind of accomplishment, especially after All Hour Cymbals promised something so much weirder and more idiosyncratic.