Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats: 'Blood Lust'

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

Blood Lust (Svart Records)

At the end of summer, this British cult doom band's second album was as notable for its scarcity as it was for its horns-up throwback horror rock. Rise Above's initial pressing of 350 LPs and two batches of CD-Rs were already sold out by the time most fans knew to look for them, and the vinyl was selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay. That kind of cynical collector-scum marketing might have been enough to kill Uncle Acid's chances for above-ground recognition if Blood Lust wasn't as straight-up awesome as it is. And now the bottom has dropped out of the collector's market since Finnish indie label Svart Records has announced a legitimate distribution deal for a new CD release in mid-November.

Like Sweden's Ghost and Witchcraft, Uncle Acid traffics in occult classic rock, drawing its inspiration from Hammer horror films, the Stooges, the first four Black Sabbath albums, and The Satanic Bible. The dirty, analog production sounds live but not sloppy, and the primitive, inexorable two-chord chug masks the band's more-than-adequate instrumental abilities and songwriting. The band maintains a precise balance between creepy and catchy throughout Blood Lust, and singer/guitarist Uncle Acid's Ozzy-like falsetto and trippy, bloozy solos contribute to the disc's warm, scuzzy personality. It's the kind of rock record they don't make anymore.