Superdrag Reunion Album Doesn't Suck

Industry Giants (Superdrag Sound Laboratories / Thirty Tigers) is what few reunion albums are: good

Reunion albums always suck. Except when they don't, and the new Superdrag album—the band's first since 2002 and first with its original lineup since 1998—is a clear case of not sucking. Industry Giants only rarely has the same urgency as the band's full-length debut, Regretfully Yours, or the sonic adventurousness of Head Trip in Every Key, but it's got elements of both—the short, hyperactive tracks "Slow to Anger," "5 Minutes Ahead of the Chaos," and "Cheap Poltergeists," the multitrack grandeur of "Everything'll Be Made Right" and "Try," with scattered moments of pure pop brilliance in between. It's a blueprint for making energetic, buoyant, and occasionally aggressive power pop that doesn't sound silly or forced coming from a bunch of guys approaching middle age.