Stability Helps the Fall on Your Future Our Clutter

The Fall

Your Future Our Clutter (Domino)

It's been more than a decade since consecutive Fall albums have featured the same lineup. Lasting long enough to get credit on a single album is what has passed for stability in the band since the early '90s. Your Future Our Clutter, though, was recorded by the same musicians who backed singer/ranter Mark E. Smith on 2008's Imperial Wax Solvent, and it shows—in energy and imagination, the new disc, the Fall's 28th, surpasses almost all of the band's '00s material, which was reliable but often workmanlike. Smith, at 53, has lost some of the declamatory power that defined the first two decades of the Fall, but here he alternates spitting venom with poetic resignation. (At the peak of "Cowboy George," Smith descends into a gurgle that's both savage and ridiculous.) The functional garage rock of Fall Heads Roll and Country on the Click is still the motor on Your Future, but it's been expanded to include samples and lots of weird synthesizer parts from Smith's wife, Elena Poulou, and to make room for the brilliant and breathtaking closing ballad, "Weather Report 2."