platters (2006-30)

Locals Only

If you’re not from K-Town, don’t let the door hit your rock-star rump on your way out: new music from Deek Hoi, Goddamn City, artvandalay and Plain My Super Records

Deek Hoi

Word on the street is that Coy plays his music out live, with Jen Rock and Jennifer Bradley picking up where the four-track leaves off. Gimme a time and a place, and I’ll bring the Kool-Aid.

Goddamn City

“My beer is not an ashtray,” they sing. “My beer is not an ashtray!/You stupid motherfucker!/My beer is not an ashtray!” Not only does this CD rule, it’s also a cautionary tale.|


Plain My Super Records

The aesthetic here is that there is no aesthetic. Any dadaist worth a damn will tell you that an aesthetic is built on reason, and that our world exists without inherent reason. If the world has yet to think its way into rationality, then it becomes an exercise in stupidity to pretend that order and meaning are philosophically knowable. Hear an album with enough twists and turns to have you speaking babble and cursing logic, as the wacko soundscape sends you to fairyland. Far out, man. Far out.

LOCAL BANDS, WE WANT YOU! Or at least, we want to hear your music. But we can’t review CDs we don’t have, so send them to the following address: 602 S. Gay Street/ Mezzanine Level/ Knoxville, TN 37902. If you have other stuff you think we’d like—t-shirts (thanks, Westside Daredevils!), stickers, spare hot drummers­—we’re open to that, too.