platters (2006-20)

Drop It Like It’s Hot

We got this stuff in the mail, like, this morning


Drummer Danny Carey and bassist Justin Chancellor show why they’re the most intuitive rhythm section in heavy rock, and the perfect anchor for guitarist Adam Jones’ moody atmospheric textures and malign volume swells. And just what the hell is singer Maynard James Keenan—rock’s mad Marine drill sergeant—gibbering about this time? There’s no lyric sheet, but if past records are any indication, you’re better off the less you know.

Snow Patrol

The Raconteurs

The Whigs


“I want to be free on my inside,” Daniel Smith sings on “When It Comes to You I’m Lazy.” Then, on the very next song, he sings, “’Till the end of me / I’m gonna make you my priority.” This giddy thematic shifting happens throughout Ships , obfuscating any real message that Danielson may claim to proffer. But, the difficulties of the indie soundscape aside, the intentionally erratic flow from song to song will slowly bleed the listener into acquiescence. Then, it’s enjoyable.