Is One Album by Doom-Sloggers Nihill Enough?

Nihill, Grond (Hydra Head)

Grond is the second of a trilogy of albums by Nihill. The first was Krach, and I'm not sure I'll be rushing out to get it. Not that Grond is a bad album—on the contrary, if you like your doom-laden slog charred black and buzzing, you couldn't ask for a more evil slab than this. It's just that there's one tempo, and it's slow. There's one sonic level, and it's loud. There are different instruments, sure—drums, keyboards, guitars, screaming—but they all fuse into a single scratchy, endless howling roar. There aren't so much arrangements as there are occasional pauses. In the extended coda of the 17-minute "Antimoon," the götterdämmerung fades into the screeching of dozens of unoiled black gates and then to silence so that some fiendish orc can discuss beasts and wounds and horns for a while before we hit the next track and return to the remorseless slog through razors. Nihill's music isn't so much a bottomless pit as it is a blank, flat, homogeneous wall of hate. Given that, why should I get the other albums in the trilogy when I can just listen to this one three times as often instead? The only reason would be to keep Nihill in business—and given such a worthy goal, I probably will, eventually, end up with the whole set.