Lone: 'Echolocations'


Echolocations (R&S Records)

The British producer Lone makes unabashedly blissed-out dance music. By "unabashed," I mean he names his songs things like "Joy Reel" and "Moon Beam Harp." The latter was off his sumptuous 2010 album, itself fittingly called Emerald Fantasy Tracks. On this six-song EP, he's at it again—titles include "Coreshine Voodoo" and "Approaching Rainbow"—and if anything he has ramped up the euphoria. High-energy burners like "Blossom Quarter" and "Rapid Racer" have a sort of molten mania about them, surging along on an aural flying carpet of breakneck beats and cascading keyboards, chimes, and strings. But even at his most frenetic, Lone seems at least half zonked. Once his tracks achieve take-off velocity, he's as likely to just glide in curling loops as he is to actually try to get anywhere. Which is really the point of this kind of music: It's not so much journey or destination as an assertion that you're already where you want to be. For four to eight minutes of any given Lone track, that's not hard to believe.

My only regret is that Echolocations came out in April, and I didn't get around to it until last month. I could've been listening to it all summer. On the other hand, like Lone's previous work, its sunny grooves will probably be nice to break out on some dank winter day.