L.A. Crew OFWGKTA Sound Like the Future of Hip-Hop

Domo Genesis

Rolling Papers (Odd Future)

The latest release from the gleefully obscene L.A. teen crew that call themselves Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (aka Golf Wang, aka OFWGKTA) spotlights the weed-centric MC Domo Genesis. Over lush, ominous electronic tracks, Domo Gen spins stream-of-consciousness yarns of drugs dealt and smoked, girls dated and dissed, bad vibes and good times, and one very funny battle-rap confrontation in a supermarket checkout line. It's another fine showcase for Odd Future producers Left Brain and Tyler, the Creator, following up on Tyler's own album, Bastard, a few months back, and Earl Sweatshirt's Earl not long before that. Add to that Ali by crew member Mike G, and another several mixtapes—all available for free at Odd Future—and this has been a staggeringly productive year for a group of skater kids who profess to spend most of their time getting high and chasing girls.

Domo Genesis is maybe the most conventional rapper of the group, fitting comfortably into the pothead mold of precursors like Devin tha Dude and Cypress Hill. Like them, he's as likely to sound paranoid and zonked as euphoric. But on album highlights like "Buzzin," the syrup-slow "Drunk," and the dextrous title track, his intricate rhymes and loose, cocky flow give the lie to his aimless-slacker persona. Like most OFWGKTA productions to date, Rolling Papers suggests both abundant talent and a serious work ethic. If these guys aren't the future of hip-hop, it won't be for lack of effort.