L.A. Band Health Delivers a Messy But Lovely Second Album


Get Color (Lovepump United)

The L.A. band Health isn't doing anything that hasn't been done before on its second album. The four-piece band piles multiple layers of harmonized vocals on top of each other, like Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective. They like big, pounding polyrhythms in the style of Liars, and they often wallow in fuzzed-out guitar feedback, just like any number of their L.A. contemporaries. But the group does manage to turn all that into something special on Get Color, an unpredictable and joyous record that slashes from throbbing electronic noise to thrashy, headbanging punk in a matter of seconds. It's a messy disc—the songs feel fractured and sometimes indistinguishable—but as a whole it's an impressive piece of work, urgent and brash and occasionally very lovely.