Jay-Z and Kanye West: 'Watch the Throne'

Jay-Z and Kanye West

Watch the Throne (Roc-A-Fella/Roc Nation/Def Jam)

Kanye West and Jay-Z are the #1 BFFs in all of hip-hop, and what set of besties doesn't love a good sleepover? That's how their new collab album reads, like Kanye called up Jay-Z for a sleepover and asked him to bring his toys (that would be his flow and his girlfriend's voice) and they'd play with Kanye's toys (in this case, his library of samples, his indisputable ability to produce scorching tracks, and his stylish fourth-bar punchlines).

Toys in hand, they pool their allowance (which is, as we all know, INFINITY MONEY) to buy a pizza and it's on.

Watch the Throne is neither crazy nor consequential. It doesn't pretend to be. The album is available only at iTunes and Best Buy. It really serves only one purpose, aside from furthering the fame of two rappers who are already bumping their heads on the fame ceiling: They got to buddy up and make a record, which they both really like to do. Kanye got to write a bunch of semi-funny songs about spending money and his penis, and Jay-Z got to tell his favorite story. (It's the one where he used to be a drug dealer and how he isn't anymore.) The other new major rap collaboration, Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame's Ferari Boyz, may as well just be fart sounds in comparison.

These collaborations can just be so, so awful. And in that, Kanye and Jay-Z are sitting on yet another success, not because they have made something awesome, but because they managed to have fun and didn't shit the bed.