Givers: 'In Light'


In Light (Glassnote)

Toss together a bucket of glitter, a case of energy drinks, and five talented twentysomethings and you just might end up with Lafayette, La.'s Givers—or maybe a makeshift rave. The band's shimmering pop and energy are enough for a spontaneous summer dance party. On their first full-length LP, In Light, it's apparent that Givers' of-the-moment sound—layered synths and washy instrumental work—reflect the influence of previous tour mates the Dirty Projectors. But by incorporating their own take on the dynamic of male/female vocals and a hodgepodge of instrumentation, the five-piece has swept though the blogosphere to become one of the summer's most celebrated acts.

In Light begins with its shining moment on "Up Up Up," a track so rich with sheer joy that you'd have to be nearly catatonic to resist its ability to put you in a good mood. (It only took a few notes of the song to earn a massive cheer at the group's packed performance at this year's Bonnaroo.) But Givers resist depending on their trendy aesthetic for the record; tracks like the guitar-led "Noche Nada" and toned-down "Go Out at Night" not only showcase their skills as musicians, but also their restraint.