Dumb Lunch: 'Everywhere We Go It Sounds Like...'

Dumb Lunch

Everywhere We Go It Sounds Like...

Local weirdo hip-hop trio Dumb Lunch's second album is just as woozy and psychedelic as its predecessor, Royal Blunts, released earlier this year. Everywhere We Go It Sounds Like... is a dark, nasty trip—bare-bones, foul-mouthed, declamatory rapping, mostly about smoking pot, over disjointed beats, chopped-up samples, and deep-space synthesizers. It's deliberately antagonistic music. Just check out the chorus to lead-off track "Don't Play Me": "I'm the real thing but dues want to hate me/Don't put your hands up, DJs don't play me/We're getting drunk playing shit you can't dance to/Make you shit your pants, dudes, that's what I do." But there seems to be some method to the hazy, smoky madness. Besides the occasional brief segments, like the climax of "Yo What's Up," where the fractured beats and dance-floor samples sync up to something that approaches, for a few seconds anyway, an anthem, the new disc stands as its own kind of bad trip, a testament to the underbelly of both music and life. You're not likely to return to Everywhere We Go Sounds Like... very often, but it will be hard to forget.