Doom Duo Om Meander Through "God Is Good"

Om, God Is Good (Drag City)

Om is a bass-and-drums duo at the top of the second tier of doom/drone metal/dirge rock, whatever that's worth. And like the forerunners of the genre, Earth and Sunn O))), Om is veering away from seismic waves of sub-bass thud toward a sound that is more organic, sometimes even the slightest bit melodic. Unfortunately, the duo doesn't seem to have the inspiration to impel such evolutionary change for the better.

Simply put, the four tracks on God Is Good say nothing and go nowhere. Bassist Al Cisneros (formerly of Sleep) and drummer Emil Amos have turned the recording studio into a sonic rumpus room, complete with black-light posters, a busted sofa, and the requisite bong. But the meandering jams they've produced in this setting seem to go on forever. Maybe the resulting music is more captivating for its creators, but the faux mysticism and directionless musicianship on tracks like "Meditation Is the Practice of Death" just seems ponderous, silly, and, quite frankly, boring. An album that could only be made meaningful by burning a bale of weed, this must be what "stoner rock" is all about.