Cold Hands Goes Out With a Bang

Sex.Beat.Romance (The New Beat) was the band's full-lenght debut.

Henry Gibson's recent jump to the Royal Bangs may have led to the dissolution of his former band, Cold Hands, but CH went out with a bang on its full-length debut, Sex.Beats.Romance. Released late last year, it's one of the best local discs of recent years, a charged and urgent 40 minutes of dark indie dance rock that adds professional polish to the band's songs without sacrificing much of the energy of their live shows. Cold Hands was one of the few local bands to wholeheartedly embrace the danceable new New Wave of the past few years, and they enhanced it with a ferocious wall of punked-up guitars. Even better, they wrote great songs—bass and drums weaving in and out of the guitar riffs, embellished occasionally with squealy synth. If they had to go out, this is the way to do it.