The Black Lips Benefit from Good Marketing

200 Million Thousand (Vice Records) has progressed from 1965 to a 1967-68 sound.

So what makes The Black Lips any different from 200 million other garage bands that have sprung up in the last 45 years? The answer is an adept marketing team at Vice Records. The album is A-okay and all, but really doesn't stand out from the deluge of '60s-influenced bands purveyed by labels like Voxx, Bomp!, and Crypt Records for forever. (The Black Lips were once members of the Bomp! stable.) Indie darlings for their "wild" behavior and not their music, The Black Lips deliver jangly and raucous three-chord rockers in the tradition of The Standells and The Music Machine that are pleasant enough, but have little staying power. On their third Vice release, the band is moving into psychedelic territories mired in the 1967-68 sound, as opposed to their earlier rut in 1965. Now that's progress.