Best Coast Commits to Bare-Bones Love Songs on 'Crazy for You'

Best Coast

Crazy for You (Mexican Summer)

For the all the hazy charm on Best Coast's debut album Crazy for You, there's not a lot of subject matter. Romantic longing is a load-bearing theme in pop music, sure, but Best Coast front-gal Bethany Cosentino goes minimalist with it, leaving maybe two out of 13 songs that aren't neatly reduced to either "I want you" or "I miss you." (The respective count is five and six, with "miss" making a late-album comeback.) We're not talking deep analysis here, either; though lines like "And nothing makes me happy/Not even TV or a bunch of weed" betray a savvy for beach-bum poetics, simplicity (and the "crazy/lazy" coupling) reigns. The first two minutes of loping centerpiece "I Want To," in fact, consist of the two lines "I want you so much/I miss you so much." There's no exaggerating Crazy for You's single-mindedness.

There's also no denying its intense appeal, thanks mostly to a sonic step up from the group's early EPs. Collaborator Bobb Bruno shrouds each ditty in a SoCal wall of sound, full of "oohs" and "aahs" and sandy reverbs that light up Cosentino's mid-tempo pining. (She sings like Liz Phair used to, but with more confidence and less self-pity.) The result is an inescapably hooky blast of sea breeze; there's not too much to Crazy for You, but that just means you'll be able to sing along to every song within an afternoon.