Local CD Review: Central Funktion

Teenage Geezer

Despite the band's name, there's very little funk on Central Funktion's Teenage Geezer. There are occasional horn breakdowns, as on "O River" and at the end of "Assault on the Earth," and the disc has soul. Just don't get the idea that the Kingston band will be giving you jams of either the James Brown or the jam-band variety. Teenage Geezer is, for the most part, straight-ahead rock served neat and in a tall glass. The five-piece band moves easily from exuberant power pop ("Girls [Are Taking Over the World]" and the title track) to laidback acoustic ballads ("Assault on the Earth"), with a weird, Frank Zappa-meets-the-Beach Boys freakout ("Moving Out West") thrown in for good measure. A solid effort with just enough surprises to keep you guessing.