J. Spaceman and Sun City Girls

Mister Lonely: Music from a Film by Harmony Korine (Drag City)

Filmmaker Harmony Korine is back with Mister Lonely, another cinematic freakout that's sure to bolster his legacy as an artistic genius, idiosyncratic weirdo, or both. So what could be more appropriate than to employ the services of Spiritualized's resident drug prophet, Jason Spaceman, and the musical mystery men of the Sun City Girls to provide the soundtrack?

The film's music succeeds on its own, separated from whatever visual mind-warps that Korine has seen fit to inflict on his audience. While the bulk of the album's 20 tracks are more or less conventionally pretty, there's a disquieting undercurrent to the whole affair. The calmly plodding tracks work well as marginally melodic ambience; but there's just something quietly creepy about the whole deal.

If you're looking for a straight-ahead rock 'n' roll album, the Mister Lonely soundtrack is unlikely to fulfill your desires. It's more like an ornately decorated Pandora's music box, and delivers a musical dreamscape that's ideal for those brooding, meditative moments when we ponder our greatest fears. Or something.