I Need Closure

Uneasy Listening (Red Witch Recordings)

Anyone who has been around this city's hardcore/punk/metal scene for the last decade or so already knows the histories of guitarist Joshua Holt, bassist Chase Valentine, and drummer B.J. Graves, so we won't go there. If the group's debut recording, Uneasy Listening, sounds like the band has been playing together for years, well, some of them have been playing together for years.

What we have here is hybridized hardcore, smart and dangerous music with an artsy edge reminiscent of Deadguy, Converge, or Unsane. The group's aural onslaught is relentless, and the guttural screams of vocalist Bobby Patterson add an appropriately psychotic edge. Hardcore with a capital H, I Need Closure is perhaps the heaviest band of the genre that Knoxville has ever produced. You have been forewarned: Listening to I Need Closure will either drive you crazy or induce the deepest depression you've ever experienced. If you're a sick pervert like me, you'll enjoy the process.