Fancy Footwork: Deluxe Edition (Vice)

A scant year since its initial release, Chromeo's Fancy Footwork receives the deluxe reissue treatment with a two-CD set that couples the original album with a second disc featuring a couple of unreleased tracks and several remixes—a double dose for those who missed out the first time.

Trafficking in the same '80s fetishization that plagues much of the indie dance scene, Chromeo wisely replaces the hackneyed post-whatever ironic approach with a true reverence for their sonic forefathers. They're not making fun of anyone—just mining an antecedent musical era because they actually like the sounds. Copping riffs from Afrika Bambaataa, Zapp, and (you guessed it) Cameo, Chromeo's Dave 1 and P-Thug offer melodic dance-funk with smart and funny lyrics.

The second, bonus disc is the more interesting of the two. Remix treatments that strip down Chromeo's sound to a bare minimum serve the songs well, as they are made even funkier when the unnecessary embellishments are cast away.